18 November 2006

There's a lot in the air

So for me, I'm pretty focused on the move-to-Japan thing that's happenning in my life within the next 72 hours. That's going apace, I've almost got all the clothes sorted out. Through Ken and Shin I met Kumi who works at REI - my last-minute clothes shopping there was much more economical thanks to her intervention!

A couple items helped me snap out of the tunnel vision on my own life, though. My friend Lauren took a header off of her bike on the way to work this week and broke both of her elbows -- ouch! "Breaking your elbow" (which actually I hadn't known was possible) means snapping off the little part at the end. They can't actually do much about it, just send you home with slings, but Lauren couldn't bend her elbows very much for awhile (to the point where eating solid food was tricky). She was getting better during the day Friday, but what a way to ruin a week.

Far worse, another friend's father passed away, on my friend's own birthday. That's not a happy coincidence to have in your life. Hugs to Mike.

Tonight we watched Lilo & Stitch at the place where I'm staying. It was a great movie, and the events of recent times made thoughts of families, whether born or made, be much on my mind.

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