24 November 2006

Fight Club no apaato

Polygon rented me a temporary apartment to use until I can figure out where in Tokyo I actually want to live ;-). It's in akasaka-mitsuke, a tony shopping district in central Tokyo, so it's very convienent.

The apartment itself is quite nice, even if it's small. But the one disconcerting element is that everything in it could have come from Ikea... I don't know if you remember the scene where Edward Norton's character looks around his apartment and sees the Ikea catalog pop-ups on everything, but that's definitely what I feel like. It's all nice and everything...

By the way, there are Ikeas in Japan now (two, both in outlying towns around Tokyo), and apparently they're doing gangbuster business -- much more so than in the US, Ikea represents a huge price/performance win for Japanese consumers...

Photos of apartment are here.

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