09 July 2005

Disparate Activities

So today I logged in and did some monster grinding in WoW (Word of Warcraft), and immediately afterwards went running on the beach. It really didn't occur to me until afterwards how completely different these two activities are! One is perhaps the most indoor activity imaginable, relating to others only through chat windows and guild statistics (I'm vainly trying to keep my with my guildies, most of whom are L60 already, quite a number for the second time!). The other is a healthy, outdoor, Pacific Coast experience mixing it up with the dogs, surfers, and fishermen who populate Ocean Beach.

Myself, I wouldn't do without either one, but they sure represent different spheres of modern human activity. To round out the day, on the way back I stopped at Canvas (cafe/gallery) and bought some art. By the fact I stopped into the gallery still in my beach-running clothes, you might gather I'm not a gallery opening night kind of person ;-).