21 February 2007

Almost... a... house...

I just got confirmation that my stuff I shipped from America will show up next Tuesday morning! Yay! I'll have Japanese prints on the wall again, and most importantly, I'll have my bike. That will trim my commute from ~35 min. now to about 15 min. (at least on non-rainy days).

In other news, Yoichi took us on the trip to Ikea for furniture's sake Sunday. I actually have (some) furniture in my room now!

The other exciting thing is that the new apartment is along a river with hundreds of cherry trees... and sakura season should be early this year. I've already seen two cherry trees in full bloom here (there are some varieties that bloom extra-early). It certainly has been a weird weather year.

Sorry for the no-posty interval lately. I moved two weeks ago, and the new apartment doesn't have an internet connection yet, so my connectivity outside of work is suffering. And, at work, my MacBook is running Windows all day, so I'm not so motivated to post :-(


13 February 2007

El Jogo no Mundo Real

This is some serious fanitude.


All these years later, and I can promise you it's pretty much shot-for-shot accurate. I remember a lot of those shots by their shot number even now!