25 March 2005

New Tunes

The two newest CDs are... ... Sum 41 "All Killer No Filler" and Dramarama "The Best Of."

The Dramarama disc was easy; I went to Axel's show at Cherry Lounge's Hard Rock night. I commented they sounded like Hoodoo Gurus, but Ruby said, "Oh no, definitely Dramarama." A quick amazon.com click later, I was fully reacquainted.

Sum 41 is new (-ish, 2001) punk. The funny thing is that while it came in the same little amazon box as the Dramarama CD, I have no idea where I heard about the band or why I bought the disc. I sure like it, though!

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The American Way

I shopped with reckless abandon, I shopped for immediate needs and distant contingencies. I shopped for its own sake, looking and touching, inspecting merchandise I had no intention of buying, then buying it. I sent clerks into their fabric books and pattern books to search for elusive designs. I began to grow in value and self-regard. I filled myself out, found new aspects of myself, located a person I'd forgotten existed. Brightness setlled around me. We crossed from furniture to men's wear, walking through cosmetics. Our images appeared on mirrored columns, in glassware and chrome, on TV monitors in security rooms. I traded money for goods. The more money I spent, the less important it seemed. I was bigger than these sums. These sums in fact came back to me in the form of existential credit. ... We ate another meal. A band played live Muzak. Voices rose ten stories from the gardens and promenades, a roar that echoed and swirled through the vast gallery, mixing with noises from the tiers, with shuffling feet and chiming bells, the hum of escalators, the sound of people eating, the human buzz of some vivid and happy transaction.

We drove home in silence. We went to our respective rooms, wishing to be alone. A little later I watched Steffie in front of the TV set. She moved her lips, attempting to match the words as they were spoken.

[an excerpt from "White Noise" by Don DeLillo]