30 March 2012

Makin' it All Worthwhile

I got a great submission via my webform today about my Read Japanese Today index. Thanks a ton for letting me know Kris!

Dear Leo:

 I love this index! Thank you for your had work and making life a bit easier for those reading Walsh's fabulous book. I accidentally stumbled upon Read Japanese Today a short while ago. My copy is the thirty-ninth printing, 1989. Your index follows the same order for my version of the book as well which is awesome.

 I forgot my mini-notebook at a friend's house and was just about to begin a different set of notes when I found your index. Luckily I decided to see if anyone had done something like this before making more notes. The index will definitely make review easier and help me to catalog my in-margin notes faster than my first set of notes took.

 This is such an awesome list, I just had to to say thanks. You definitely made my weekend.