06 September 2005

Redundancy via Google

The cached page feature means your website can be up even when it's not. This afternoon, nVidia's main web site was down -- it looked like one of their internal servers was offline, so the web server couldn't find some file it needed. But it was awake. I had just received a new graphics card, so I really needed to get the latest driver downloads.

After thinking about it for a minute, I did a Google search for "NVidia driver". I then loaded the cached version of the nvidia page, and used the Javascript app to select the correct driver. The page after that was half-broken, but did have the needed links to nVidia's ftp sever, which was still up! Therefore, I got my drivers successfully even though nVidia's site is still down!

two comments, already:
It’s also quite useful when you’re looking for pages long-gone, not just temporarily down.

Matt (osarusan at gmail dot com)