13 November 2006


My house is so empty. It looks huge when it's empty (and it didn't look small before!).

I am so tired.

I was up til 4am packing, then got up at 7 to go grab some coffee, rent the U-Haul, hire a couple of Mexican dudes down on Cesar Chavez to help me, move my furniture into the truck, drive to San Mateo, move the furniture into the storage unit, drive back, drop off Luis and Angel, drop off the truck, drive home and fill the car with stuff for Goodwill, hit Goodwill and drop that stuff off, then come home.

Of course, all that remains today is to fill the car with the forgotten items (mostly from the garage), plus the Goodwill things that wouldn't fit in the first run, run the first down to San Mateo and the second to Mission and 11th, verify I really have somewhere to stay after tonight, and come back.

Whee!!! Moving!!!

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