15 November 2006

out of the house

Like the perennial teenager, it took me longer to get out of the house than I thought! but it's done. The tenants are moving in, all my stuff is in storage. the great part about the new tenants is that they're bring new energy to the house -- Tony proposed that if I pay for the flooring, he'll pay for the labor to install a new floor in the kitchen. Sounds sweet to me, I hope it happens.


the last couple weeks must have been getting to me. i woke up this morning and had NO idea where i was. none at all (i'm staying at a friend's house in half moon bay). i remembered i was in the middle of moving, but really didn't remember driving over the hill late at night.


yesterday i forgot to eat. when i finished the last stuff i had to do around the house, after the walkthrough with the new tenants, i realized it was 10:45pm and i hadn't eaten anything since breakfast (and i needed to drive to half moon bay) (and i had a car full of stuff -- so i didn't really want to park on the street in SF). it turns out... in-n-out serves until midnight on weekdays. a very happy fact in this case altho i'm not a frequent fast fooder.

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