25 August 2007

Appliances, Pt. 2

The refrigerator was freezing the vegetables, so I was motivated to follow on to the earlier post of "Kanji you might find on a washing machine" with this one, "Kanji you might find on a refrigerator".

Kanji Reading Meaning
冷蔵庫 reizouko Refrigerator
冷蔵室 reizoushitsu Refrigerator compartment (lit. "room")
冷凍室 reitoushitsu Freezer compartment
設定ロック settei rokku Setting lock
tsuyo(i) strong
chuu medium
yowa(i) weak
ソフト冷凍 sofuto reitou Soft freeze
急冷凍 kyuureitou Fast freeze
キッチンタイマー kicchin taimaa Kitchen timer (yes, my refrigerator has a built-in kitchen timer)
スタート sutaato Start
ストップ sutoppu Stop

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