15 April 2007

Tokyo is awesome

Last night after the Kurosawa festival we went to a neighborhood called shimokitazawa that was really interesting. It's a center for performing arts, with a lots of venues and low-cost theatres. When people are in college, their friends who perform are always over in shimokitazawa so it was a very college-student feel.

But the truly cool thing is that shimokitazawa has a Short Film Theater.

It's called Tollywood (in katakana) and they show nothing but short film programs (this is almost as exciting as the left-handed guitar store). The run arious different programs of short films all the time, many of them animated, and they've managed to keep the doors open for quite a while. Starting next month, they have a series of short film programs from various animation schools around the world (Goebbelins, Supinfocom, etc.) which I'm totally looking forward to.

Their URL is http://homepage1.nifty.com/tollywood.

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