04 December 2006

Yay! The Japanese government likes me

I got my Japanese Certificate of Eligibility today... It means I'm almost ready to work in Japan! (I just have to change from my visitor's visa to a working visa, which hopefully I can do without returning to the U.S.). In the meantime I have a *very* official-looking document to my name. Like virtually all Japanese pieces of bureaucracy, it has my picture embedded in it and everything ;-)

This is very exciting because it leads down the road to... lots of stuff. Once I get my working visa, I can apply for the Alien Registration Card, which will let me rent an apartment of my own, get a cellphone under my own name, buy furniture... you know, everything! :-)

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Leo said...

Well, that was anticlimactic. I went to the Immigration Bureau to get my working visa today. After 90 minutes at the building (plus about 60 minutes of travel on either end), all you do is turn in the application. They'll mail me when I can come in again to actually get the new visa.