29 May 2013

Save These Poor Household Appliances from the Recycle Shop / リサイクルショップに行かない為に、その機械を取りたくないか?

Update: The Washing Machine and metal utility shelves are still available, everything else is claimed!

更新された情報: 洗濯機と金の棚しか残りません、他の物がクレームされました!

I'm moving to a new place next month, and several of my current appliances are looking for a new home! If any of these look useful to you please let me know, you can come pick them up or if you want I can send them to you for the cost of forwarding them.


Still Available/今でも取れる

Washing Machine/洗濯機 National NA-F50Z5

Bought used about 3 years ago.

Metal Utility Shelves/金の棚

Bought new about 1 year ago. Dishes not included!

Claimed Already/もう予約された

Television/テレビ Sony Bravia KDL-32S2500

32 inch 1366x768 LCD HDTV

Vacuum Cleaner/掃除機 Sanyo SC-WR5H

Refrigerator/冷蔵庫 Mitsubishi MR-P15S-B

Capacity/内容積 146L (100L refrigerator/冷蔵室, 46L freezer/冷凍室)

Purchased new 16 months ago

Triangular Television Table/三角テレビ台

Bought new about 6 years ago. Perfect for putting a TV in the corner of the room.

Living Room Ceiling Lamp/いまの天井付きランプ

Bought new about 6 years ago. Includes bulbs!

Bedroom Ceiling Lamp/部屋の天井付きランプ

Bought new about 6 years ago. Includes bulbs!

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