02 June 2012

Takao, a different way / 別の高尾山


L-Breath, an outdoor store here in Tokyo, always has flyers with various bit of outdoors advice on them.  Here's an interesting alternate route for hiking Takao-san from one of them.

Mt. Takao is a very popular easy walking/hiking mountain at the end of the Keio line.  The normal way up from Takao-san guichi station takes only about an hour, and if that's too much you can take either a ski lift or cable car most of the way up.  It's not exactly wilderness (there's several restaurants at the peak at 599m elevation) but it is pretty during autumn.

This route starts by climbing Mt. Jinba on the north side of the Chuo line and makes its way back to Mt. Takao over several other peaks.

Note: I'm not sure about the pronunciation of some of the Kanji.
  • Start at Keio Takao 高尾 station north exit
    • Note: it's Takao station, not Takao-san-guchi station which is the normal station for Mt. Takao)
  • Nishi-Tokyo bus #32 to 陣馬高原下 (jinba-koubara-shita?) (~36 min.)
  • Hike to 陣馬山 (Mt. Jinba) (~90 min.)
  • Hike to 明王峠 (mei ou touge?) (~45 min.)
  • Maybe checking out 白馬の像 (shiroma no zou, "white horse sculpture")
  • Hike to 景信山 (kage-shin-yama?) (~100 min.)
  • Hike to 城山 (shiroyama, "castle mountain") (~65 min.) via 小仏峠 (kobotoke-touge, "little buddha pass"), where we cross over the Chuo-sen tunnel.
    • If it's like the last time I was here, there's a restaurant on Shiro-yama.
  • Hike to Mt. Takao (~60 min.)
  • Descend Mt. Takao, either by foot, ski lift, or cable car (I like the ski lift!).
Total about 6 hours

I've done the Shiroyama-Takao segment before but none of the others.  Looking forward to trying this!

Here's a blog post about this route, with pictures of the white horse sculpture and views of Fuji-san.

The Bus Schedule for the above bus is here.

L-breath のパンフで読んだ高尾山の別のコーヅは下記の通りです。
  • 最初場所は京王線の高尾駅
    • ご注意、良く会う高尾山口駅ではなく
  • 西東京32番のバスに乗って「陣場高原下」という点におりる(36分)
  • 陣場山を上る(90分ぐらい) 
  •  明王峠まで歩く(45分ぐらい)
  • おそらく、白馬の像を見に行く
  • 景信山まで歩く(100分ぐらい)
  • 小仏峠で城山まで歩く
    • 前回行った時に、城山でレストランがあった
  • 高尾山まで歩く(60分弱)
  • 高尾を下がる。ご存知かもけど、歩いて、ケーブルカー、リフトが可能。 僕はリフトが好き!




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