03 April 2009

Fun Words You Might Find on a Japanese W-2

It's April, and apart from Cherry Blossoms that means I have to pay my American taxes! In my mood of helping those who live in Japan, here's another vocabulary post, this time "Words you might find on your Japanese pay stub":

勤務状況=きんむじょうきょう=work situation
出勤日数=しゅっきんひすう=days worked
給与所得=きゅうよしょとく=earned income

基本給=きほんきゅう=base pay
通勤手当=つうきんてあて=commuting allowance
通常外支払給=つうじょうがいしはらいきゅう=extraordinary payment
支給合計=しきゅうごうけい=total payments

健康保険=けんこうほけん=health insurance
介護保険=かいごほけん=nursing insurance
厚生年金保険=こうせいねんきんほけん=welfare annuity insurance
雇用保険=こようほけん=unemployment insurance
所得税=しょとくぜい=income tax
地方税=ちほうぜい=local taxes
差引不足税額=さしひきふそくぜいがく=deducted amount of insufficient taxes
控除合計=こうじょごうけい=total deductions

計算資料=けいさんしりょう=calculation data
会社保険料計=かいしゃほけんりょうけい=company insurance amount
非課税支給額=ひかぜいしきゅうがく=tax-exempt allowance
課税対象額=かぜいたいしょうがく=amount subject to taxation
振込支給額=ふりこみしきゅうがく=bank transfer amount
現金支給額=げんきんしきゅうがく=cash payment amount
差引支給額=さしひきしきゅうがく=deducted payment amount

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