08 January 2008

Accumulated Cuteness


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uploada said...

Dear Leo Hourvitz,

My name is Pascal Hamonic.
I am a former computer scientist working now in Tokyo.
I looked at your profile on LinkedIn and I must confess that I am impressed.
I am trying to start my own venture in Japan. I understand perfectly the language and the culture.
One of the main things I am realizing now (after 4 years of living here) is that I do not feel intellectual innovation so much in Japanese culture. And consequently the ventures do not captivate people's imagination. Because when you look at a product like the itouch for example it is first and foremost the culture, that is to say the intellectual satisfaction that it can bring to the users.
So my question is how a talented and experienced and above all so much creative person like yourself can find a challenge in Japan?

I would be very happy to get your idea on it.

Kind regards,

Pascal Hamonic

PS: I recently watched for the first time the movie "Rashomon". It is similar to your feeling when you saw "the seven samurais". Inspiring. It is clear that it has the movie culture!