11 November 2007


There's an awesome subculture growing in Japan called haikyo or haikyo tourism. Folks go find abandoned buildings throughout (mostly rural) Japan and photograph them. There's been quite a market for picture books, perhaps because Japan's looming demographic crisis makes haikyo as a metaphor for the future seem not-so-fantastic.

One of the coolest websites is Haikyo Deflation Spiral. If nothing else it's fantastic source material for anyone making a postapocalyptic game!

There was a recent article on haikyo in Tokyo's english-language weekly Metropolis. Be aware that the link above changes every week, so you may have to Google for the article.


Unknown said...

Yes, haikyo is getting popular among my ex-pat friends in Japan as well. In fact we went on an overnight haikyo trip last December.

If anyone is interested, there are photos and a video showing some great haikyo places in Gunma, Japan:


Unknown said...

Hello again,

I'm having a haikyo exhibition this Friday, please come!