15 July 2007


Today was quite a day. I got up early and hustled over to Tokyo station so I could take an early Shinkansen down to Nagoya and hang out with my friend Matt, who moved to Japan -- yesterday.

But no, when I got to Tokyo eki they had just stopped the Shinkansen due to flood conditions on the Fujigawa (Fuji river) in central Japan. Thus followed five hours of sitting in Tokyo eki. Of course, around 2pm when the trains started up again, I no longer had a reserved seat... (thankfully I managed to scrounge an unused seat for the ride to Nagoya).

Tonight Matt and his fellow Aeon trainees and roamed around in Nagoya (there's a lot of free music here! We saw three different concerts) but the other trainees were mostly new college grads - didn't want to drink, spend money, or stay out too late. Wow, quite a difference from my college days. Nevertheless, Nagoya is a fun town!

For a hotel, I grabbed a last-minute hotels.com room at the Nagoya Kanko Hotel, a perfectly nice but mostly empty business hotel (this is a holiday weekend). I'm sure it'll be packed again on Monday...

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