05 May 2007

Hike Report

Yesterday I went hiking at Oyama in Kanagawa prefecture. You take a train about 1 hr. from Tokyo, then a bus about 25 min. up into the mountains, then head up alongside this stream.

My route was Minoge Bus Stop (elev. 500m) to Yabitsu Toge (Yabitsu Pass) (elev. 750m), then to Oyama Honsha (the top of the mountain, and of course the location of a Shinto shrine) (elev. 1250m), then to Shimosha (site of a Bhuddist temple) and Oiwake, then back to the train via bus.

Despite losing the trail for awhile and getting pretty tired, I made the whole trip. I'm looking forward to another trip back - the temples Shimosha and the cool built-on -the-hillside town of Oiwake were neat. See all photos here. Hopefully I'll get an earlier start next time!


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