21 March 2007

Day Off Part 2: Get Certified on Your Delivery Scooter

Everywhere in Japan you see scooters with a box on the back delivering food (or, if it's a Chinese restaurant delivery, an ingenious hanging platform that can successfully deliver soup!).

While I was riding down the Tamagawa I saw this huge group of scooter riders going around and around between cones. As I got closer, I saw that they were following a motorcycle policeman (left edge of left photo below), and that they all had the delivery boxes on the back.

There was a car parked on a little hill in the middle with the supervisor in it. These folks were all getting certified as delivery scooter riders... I don't think we have certification for that in the states. Amusingly, despite the officiousness of it all, pretty much every cone on the testing grounds was knocked over!

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