13 January 2007

Found a permanent apartment!

Today was get-daragged-all-over-Meguro-ku-by-Hasegawa-san day. I needed to find a permanent apartment, my temporary place is coming up for renewal again, so I found an rental agent this week and also decided to look for a place together with a friend from work, Matt Smith (1-BR and 2-BR apartments are almost the same price in the part of Tokyo I was looking in).

Today we found one, on the second place we saw! It's near Meguro-eki, halfway between that and Nakameguro-eki, right on the Meguro river:

From Tokyo

It's on the twelfth floor of a high-rise, not really my preferred situation but the location is super-convenient (it'll be an easy 10-15 minute bike commute) and the views are pretty good. It's on an end, so it has a window, and here Matt demonstrates that the room is, in fact, wider than your outstretched arms:

From Tokyo

I don't know yet when I can move in, but hopefully it's before my trip back to the states on the 26th!

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