13 May 2006

True Sake

So, after getting shit from my friends at E3 because I live within six blocks of the place and haven't been there yet, I finally got to True Sake (www.truesake.com) tonight. True Sake is a premium Sake (Japanese rice wine) store in Hayes Valley in San Francisco, and supposedley has the best selection of sake in North America.

I can't vouch for that, but they certainly have a lot of great-sounding sakes. I got a bottle of the Otokoyama (man-mountain) because the manager suggested it was similar to Namahage, a sake I've had at restaurants and liked; and a bottle of another recommended dry sake, Hakkaisan (Mt. Eight Seas, I think? I'm a little iffy on the middle kanji). We'll try one of them at Gilles' tomorrow and we'll see what the reviews are!

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Leo said...

Well, at Gilles' screening today we tried the first sake: Hakkaisan (Mt. Eight-Seas). It was excellent, extremely smooth and dry, but with plenty of flavor. There were four of us there, two of whom have tasted a fair number of sakes and two of whom haven't, and the Hakkaisan got excellent reviews from everyone. Another victory for True Sake!