15 March 2006

Proud to be a Member

I'm only halfway through it, but already the March 2006 issue of the Commonwealth Club newsletter has knocked me up side of my head twice. Daniel Pipes, a Middle Eastern scholar who was living in Egypt in 1979 when the Oslo accords were signed, has a scathing article called "The Palestinian-Israeli War." Robert Fisk is a "mouse journalist" who has been sneaking around Iraq (and Bosnia and Afghanistan and...) in decrepit rental cars and getting shot at for 20 years.

While I don't rush to embrace either's worldview, they both have been up close talking to the participants more often than I have and have a logic to their point of view.


I couldn't find either printed article anywhere on the web; your local library may be able to oblige (or you can borrow my copy when I'm through!). However, the Commonwealth Club has the audio archives of the lectures online.
Pipes' lecture is at: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/archive/05/05-11pipes-audio.html
Fisk's is here: http://www.commonwealthclub.org/archive/05/05-11fisk-audio.html

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