22 September 2004

The Ultimate Kitty Toy

Here's a cheap tip for you guitar players with cats. One of the things I wanted to do before taking off for Japan was change the strings on my guitar. As I was doing that tonight, I discovered the cutest kitty toy ever: An old low E string. You hold onto the tuning machine (i.e., sharp) end, and the bridge nut becomes the object of total fixation. Best of all, the metal string has enough springiness to be intrinsically fun, you don't have to dangle it or anything; it will oscillate all by itself. It's absolutely indestructible, so the kitty can claw and chew all they want, and it's shiny so it glints and calls to them. It's hard but not impossible to catch... what more could you want! Whee! Obviously, if you let the cat have the whole string, be sure to wind off the sharp wire end.

My cat is tired but very fascinated right now.

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